Posted 13th May 2016.

Written by Conrad Toft with Jake Foster, Martin Kirk and Hannah Riley.

Directed By Conrad Toft.

Performed 5th to 7th December 2013

at the Auderghem Cultural Centre, Brussels.

An English Comedy Club production.

Christmas entertainment for all the family!

The ECC is proud to have presented its Christmas pantomime “Jack and the Beanstalk” directed by Conrad Toft. We hope you got into the Christmas spirit with this hilarious production written especially for the Brussels audience. Fun and entertainment for children and grown-ups alike.

With all the pantomime classics, including not only a pantomime cow but a bull too, as well as the ultimate panto dame, Widow Twanky, in a brilliant comic pairing with an incredibly daft Simple Simon, not forgetting Baron Hardup, and our young hero, Jack. There was a lot of opportunity for audience participation, as well as ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ pictures for younger audience members to colour in.

Bull, Fairy, Jack and Cow image © 2013 Julia Coleman


Posted 29th April 2016.

Written by Brian Friel.

Directed by John Turnbull.

Performed 9th to 16th November 2013

at The Check Inn, Findel, Luxembourg.

A New World Theatre Club production.

Brian Friel”s masterpiece concerns the impact of British rule on a remote community in County Donegal. Set in 1833 in a rural “hedge school” where the locals learn reading and writing, Latin and Greek, but speak no English, it charts the arrival of soldiers to map out the country and standardise and anglicise the local place names. The characters’ personal stories are interwoven with historical events to form a powerful metaphor for the troubled relationship between two cultures. Though the dialogue is in English, characters are at times perceived to be speaking in Gaelic. Chekhovian in its subtlety, the writing provides fine acting opportunities for a cast of ten.

Image © 2013 Philip Dutton


Posted 29th April 2016.

Written by Michael Frayn.

Directed By Lyn Wainwright.

Performed 8th to 12th October 2013

at The Warehouse Studio Theatre, Schaerbeek, Brussels

An English Comedy Club production.

Copenhagen is about an encounter between two nuclear physicists, Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg, during WW1. The meeting really did happen in 1941 but the motivation for it and what actually passed between the two men is as uncertain as the science they developed together.


Posted 29th April 2016.

Directed by Nataša Vlaović and Julien Farlin.

Musical direction Nataša Vlaović and Julien Farlin.

Performed 30th May to 1st June & 5th to 8th June 2013

at Gasperich Parish Hall, Luxembourg.

A Pirate Productions production.

Pirate Productions is pleased to announce its new show “The Jazz Club.” Set sometime in the 1930s/40s, this original script, devised by our two directors Nataša Vlaović and Julien Farlin, follows the various characters who inhabit a New York Jazz Club over three evenings. Jazz and Swing standards intersperse the dialogue as they all embark on a personal journey.

The show is presented with a 3 course dinner, a full bar and cocktails from the period will also be served.

Article in Wort.lu 

Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald fans are in for a treat at the latest original show by English-language musical theatre group the Pirates.

“The Jazz Club” features works by these artists and more as it takes audiences on a dramatic tour of a 1930s New York jazz club and its lively characters. The piece was devised by directors Julien Farlin and Natasa Vlaovic, who initially planned to host a wine and jazz event as part of the group’s “Wine and…” series.

“What is so particular about this show is that there was no script to start with, simply this idea of jazz being played somewhere in a club,” explained the director, adding that he then developed different characters and wove a story around them.

“You could say this show came about almost like a jazz tune- musicians play chords based on an idea and together develop a song, looking for the right tempo, feel and arrangement along the way.”

The show takes as its focus a New York jazz club set some time during the 1930s and ’40s where various characters discuss their day, their hopes and sorrows and sing and dance. The band is an integral part of the performance with the musicians performing on-stage as characters. They will perform tunes that even people with no jazz knowledge are sure to recognise though not all tunes are old classics. A number of acid jazz and bossa nova songs among others will be performed giving the show a modern touch.

Interestingly, there are no main characters in the show, a conscious decision by the director, who wanted to present different individuals who each “contribute in their own way to the story unfolding.” Among the cigarette girls, bar tenders and club guests, regulars will recognise some of the Pirates’ established performers as well as new faces.

And while the structure of the evening has shifted away from wine-tasting, audiences will still be able to ge a tipple of their favourite drink and even a sit down dinner as the venue proposes three-course meals for audience members who book in advance.

“We liked the idea of offering dinner to the spectators so that they could wine and dine and be entertained at the same time,” said Julien.

The Jazz Club is performed at the Gasperich Church Hall, 33 rue de Gasperich, from May 30 to June 1 and then from June 6 to 8. Doors open at 7pm and tickets cost 15 euros for adults. The optional three-course meal costs 15 euros per person.

Audiences are encouraged to come in period costume.


Posted 13th May 2016.

Written by Gerald Arthur Moore.

Directed by Sean Sideris.

Performed 15th to 17th March 2013

at the Tramsscapp, Limpertsberg.

A New World Theatre Club production.

The play is a poignant psychological drama depicting the lives of four high school students who survive a school shooting. The playwright used the characters of teenagers he knew to create the characters of the survivors and used an 18 month time line to confront the viewers with the longer term effects of these horrific events. How will each survivor cope with their emotional and physical wounds and how will each be able to help the others heal. The play is set in Hamilton, Ontario but it could be anywhere in the world – as we are so sadly aware. The youth group participants have been wholly committed as it is an issue which directly affects them as young people. Different actors have been used to portray our characters over the time line and for each act there was a youth group assistant director. The play is directed by Sean Sideris, a member of the youth group. It is a disturbingly topical, provocative and moving story of four school companions trying to come to terms with their ordeal, and a tribute to all the victims.

Due to the sensitive topic of the play it was not be suitable for the very young. Please note that the age of the cast ranges from 10 – 18 years old

Image © Sean Sideris


Posted 13th May 2016

Written by Vern Harden.

Directed by David Mittel.

Performed 7th to 9th March 2013

at The Waldorf School, Limpertsberg.

A Waldorf School production.

The IB 1 theatre class welcomes you to "The Boardinghouse" where life is anything but normal. Miss Harriet runs a clean, cozy home with the help of the none-too-bright and perpetually terrified Tweenie, and accompanied by as zany a cast of boarders as you are likely to meet. There’s Mr. Richards, the poet who practices dying to spark his inspiration. Gladys Klotz is a taxidermist who has a direct line to the spirit world and prefers her men stuffed, while Martha Willis has every imaginable illness, from leprosy to pneumonia to heart palpitations… and loves every minute of it. Poor Hortense tries her best to keep up with Ivy, a free spirited ’artist’ who enjoys painting people’s faces, whether they want to be painted or not. Finally, the suave and mysterious Dirk Shadow and his sister Veronica have just arrived on the scene to hunt for Captain Schnook’s pirate treasure buried in the basement… or is it really just something left over from dinner? Leave it to the clever and ever-vigilant Dr. Sni-fell to unravel the mystery that will have audiences lauging from beginning to end.