Posted 3rd December 2017.

Extra (Figurant) - Gangster at a wedding party.

Currently filming

After getting slighted by a legendary jazz Trumpet Player, sadistic gang boss Hercules puts ice-cold Johnny the Killer, his number one enforcer, on a mission of revenge. His instructions are simple: cut off the Trumpet Player’s pinkie finger before he plays a wedding reception at the lavish palace of the diabolical, childish Countess. Yet, as Johnny attempts to execute his harsh task he finds himself getting pushed into dark places and forced to confront the horrific consequences of Hercules’s evil empire. Suddenly, his conscience begins to howl. He can’t do this anymore. And as night comes on, Johnny promises himself that he will leave this world behind and seek redemption by building his own family out of the victims. Yet, before he can do this, he must descend further than he ever has into Hercules’s psychotic games and, when all else fails, try to shoot his way out of hell. A night club called Al Qaeda, an old world vampire, a junky child bride, a femme fatale with a sideline in stand-up comedy, a handful of severed fingers and a palace ballroom full of music, machine gun fire and mayhem…it’s just another night in Dreamland.

A Calach Film production.

1001 Lives (RAQS)

Posted 23rd June 2017.

Extra (Figurant) - Kennel owner's legs and boots.


Rashid spent 10 years in his native homeland in the Middle East under the guardianship of his grandmother before rediscovering his parents living in Germany. A story of familial reunion, full of hope and promise in a 1980s Europe where the social and cultural world is the polar opposite of what the young man is familiar with. It is the story of Rashid's battle for survival when confronted with the illness with which he has been diagnosed and the inability of those concerned to cope.

This story of promised freedom that then transforms into imprisonment is told like a fable, making friendships and challenging Fate.

A Tarantula production.

Black 47

Posted 23rd June 2017.

Extra (Figurant) - Angry land owner.
Make up manequin


Black 47 is a story that is set against the backdrop of the Great Famine (1845-1852). It tells the story of a young Connaught Ranger who returns from fighting for the British Army.

On his return he discovers that his family have been thrown off their land and left to die in a poor house and he sets about finding those responsible.

A Samsa Film production.

Eng Saach vun Zäit

Posted 23rd June 2017.

Extra (Figurant) - Party goer at the snail race.

First broadcast November 2016

Realisatioun : Anne Schiltz

D’Catriona ass viru 15 Méint aus England op Lëtzebuerg geplënnert fir seng berufflech Carrière unzefänken: Traductrice beim Europäesche Parlament um Kierchbierg. Säin Talent fir Sproochen, seng Léift fir Musek a seng aussergewéinlech Hobbyen hunn him gehollef, sech séier anzeliewen a seng Frënn ze iwwerraschen. Et huet ëmmerhin net jiddweree Schleeken als Hausdéieren! D’Catriona fillt sech hei am Land richteg doheem. Mee de Brexit steet virun der Dier...

Realization: Anne Schiltz

Catriona moved to Luxembourg 15 months ago to launch her professional career: Translator at the European Parliament in Kirchberg. Her talent for languages, her love for music and her extraordinary hobbies helped her to settle quickly and to surprise her friends. She did not stick to cats for pets! Catriona feels at home here. But Brexit is at the front of her mind.

RTL Television

A Calach Films production.