Gasperich Parish Hall

36 rue de Gasperich, L-1617, Gasperich, Luxembourg

For many years this was the “go-to” venue for many smaller productions. The caretaker and his family always gave us a friendly welcome and even went on to join us on stage for several productions. The venue has a small, raked stage with a small dressing room stage right. The hall is open and unobstructed with wheelchair access via a side door. Lighting is best controlled from the old projection booth upstairs (Yes, it used to be the local cinema too!) where you will find a 32A power supply and a patch panel leading to the on-stage sockets. 32A power is also available from the kitchenette where there are 3 outlets.

WARNING – One of the kitchenette outlets is dodgy and should not be used. You will find it when you plug in and hear a loud rattle from the fuse box.

2005 – Wine and comedy
2004 – Wine and Song
2004 – Footprints in the Sand
2004 – a separate peace
2003 – stepping out
2003 – How the Other Half Loves
2003 – 21st anniversary cabaret dinner
2002 – Company
1999 – Curtain Call