Footprints in the Sand

A New World Theatre Club production for FEATS.
Written by Colin Crowther.
Directed by Wendy Dunning.

Performed 5th to 8th May 2004 at Gasperich Parish Hall, Luxembourg

and 29th May 2004 at the Arenbergschouwberg, Antwerp

and 31st July 2004 at The Albert Hall, Llandrindod Wells.

Best Production.

Best Stage Presentation.

Best Actress – Jan Horsburgh.

A psychological drama based on the Welsh saint Dwynwen who lived in the fifth century. This play is about the ability of people in extreme situations, in any age or place, to find the courage to transform their suffering. Our production had a strong hint of the surreal with a set drawing inspiration from Salvador Dali.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Footprints in the Sand”, which took top honors at this year’s amateur theatre festival in Antwerp!

At the final evening’s awards ceremony our NWTC team won for Best Production, Best Stage Presentation and Best Actress (Jan Horsburgh), as well as a nominee for Best Actor (Adrian Diffey). In fact, such a large number of awards has only been won once before in 1980 by the Kent Players of Germany.

We knew we had a winner at the Saturday evening début of Footprints–it was the first play of the festival to receive applause for the set as the curtains opened. The cast gave their best performance to date, and to see this production in a professional theatre with the special lighting and staging as intended was absolutely stunning! In the final moment of the play (the tableaux in silhouette) the audience literally gasped at the effect created. Of course, my comments are admittedly prejudiced.

Cast: Adrian Diffey, Jan Horsburgh, Kendra Horsburgh, Alison Kelly.
Director: Wendy Dunning.
Stage Manager: Pauline Lloyd.
Lighting Man Extraordinaire: Anthony McCarthy.
Set Designer and Master Shell Creator: Malcolm Turner.
Oceans Eleven and Seagull Sound Engineer: Adam Mitchell.
Make-up Magician: Pat Chambers.
Fast on Their Feet Duo: Angela Milne and Pete Mitchell.

And all of those creative Sea Goddesses whose shells may cross the Channel: Diana Button, Bobbie Khan, and Fran Potasnik.

(Above comments by Deborah Anderson on attending Feats for the first time)

The New World Theatre Club Luxembourg (Director Wendy Dunning-Baker) gave the final performance of the 2004 NDFA British All Winners Festival.
FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND is written by Colin Crowther and is a psychological drama, based on the Welsh saint Dwynwen who lived in the 5th century. It focuses on the ability of people in extreme situations, in any age of place, to find the courage to transform their suffering. Scott found this to be “a most unusual and very remarkable play, seamlessly wedding past and present and looking to the future. It is about grace, love, faith and hope.” A man is brought back from the abyss of despair by an abiding love. The surreal setting gave warning of what was to come, with the characters of the 5th century coming into the 21st century. The adjudicator praised the “absolute professionalism in the visual presentation of the play”, but added that the earlier moments would have benefited from a “marginal increase in the intensity of light”, in order to see the characters’ faces. There were some moments of “delightful direction”, particularly when Nana and the man shared speeches about their illness. This was “artistic, intelligent work, not flawless, but with very much to admire in the acting, lighting, sound and direction.”