Drop me a line if you want to use any of this kit.

8 x Eurolite Theatre Spot 500w Antihalo PC. 
4 x Eurolite 650w Multi-PAR with barn doors/gel frames. 
3 x Spotlight Sintesi Figura 05ZW 650w Profile. 23/40d.
1 x Spotlight Sintesi Figura 05ZS 650w Profile. 14/33d.
1 x Eurolite Moonlight 1000w Follow Spot.
1 x Manual colour changer for Eurolite FS .
12 x Eurolite 50w PAR16 "Birdie".
9 x No-Brand 500w PAR64 Long with CP62.
2 x Eurolite 4m 85Kg Lift stand.
2 x Eurolite 3m 15Kg stand.
1 x No-Brand 1m 20Kg stand. 
4 x TV Spigot adaptors
2 x Truss adaptors
2 x T-Bar.  (8 position, 4 over/4 under)
3 x Eurolite RGB Flood Batten 3 x 500w. Dichroic glass RGB.
4 x Garden store single 500w flood.
4 x Eurolite DTB-405 4-channel Dimmerbar. 20A total load.
2 x IbizaLight LED RGB PAR3 (12 x 3w LED)
4 x Marq Lighting Colourmax P18 LED Wash (18 x 1w LED)
1 x JBSystems Light CMX24 12/24Ch scene setter.
1 x Chamsys Basic USB --> DMX dongle.
1 x Eurolite bubble machine.
1 x Stairville SF1000 Smoke machine.
1 x Low fog bucket.
1 x Stairville SD-300 Hazer.
1 x Varytec LED Aqua FX. 
2 x Black light tubes. With stands and hooks
4 x Colored LED tubes (Red, Green, Poypul, Pink)
3 x Multi-colour rope light 5m.
2 x Police strobe RED!
1 x No-Brand 300w strobe.
2 x No-Brand LED strobe.
11 x No-Brand PAR36 Pinspot.
1 x Strand SD6 Dimmer pack. 16/32A 3-phase in - 6 x 2Kw out
1 x Showtec Dimmer pack. 16/32A 3-phase in - 6 x 2Kw tails out
1 x Stairville MK3 DMX Splitter. 1 in 4 out.
6 x DMX Cables. 2 each of 5m, 10m and 20m lengths
5 x DMX Cables. 1.5m
1 x DMX Cable. 0.5m
10 x Schuko extension cables brown. 5m length
Many Schuko extension cables black. 3m, 5m, 10m & 20m
Many Schuko dominos. 3-way and 4-way multi sockets.
4 x 32A 3-phase cables. 10M length
2 x 32A to 16A adaptors. Handy!
2 x 32A breakout box. 32A in - 2 x 16A out and 2 x 240 out
6 x Motorola Talkabout T5422 walkie-talkie.
2 x Motorola Talkabout T5022 walkie-talkie.
3 x Motorola headset - Boom mic.
8 x No-brand headset - Boom mic.
1 x Behringer Xenyx 1002FX audio mixer.