Ruby’s Blues

A Round Tower Players production for FEATS
Written and directed by
Michael Woods.

Performed 9th June 2000 at the Théâtre Municipal, Esch-sur-Alzette.

Ruby’s Blues is the story of an evening in the life os a married couple, both around 40, caught up in life the way it was never supposed to be. Caught between the indifference and general inertia of her husband (Driss) and longing for what she considers a normal life (a couple of kids and a cat in the backyard) Ruby breaks out. She meets a man (Drew) in a pub and invites him home. Later in the evening, while Drew is still there, Driss comes home.

The play ends with life going on as before, a lot of things have happened but nothing has changed.

The curtains opened onto an elegant, tastefully coordinated pale lemon living room. The atmosphere was shattered by the appearance of a man with a drinking problem. He had spiked hair and was wearing vivid orange leather trousers and a black lacy see-through shirt, as if he were about to go to an outrageous gay bar. It transpired that he was the husband in an incompatible marriage. It was hard to follow the dialogue which was a shame. The wife has a one night stand with a man who turns out to be her husband’s drinking chum.

I don’t think the marriage improved.

My first time at FEATS as a participating lighting guy. There were so many thing I got wrong with this, but lessons were learned.