Château de Bettembourg

13, rue du Château, L-3217, Bettembourg

Located in the centre of Bettembourg in the south of Luxembourg the Château de Bettembourg has a history starting in 1733 when it was built as the residence of a farming family. Today it houses the offices and services of the local commune as well as an art gallery and a well equiped theatre.

Power for lighting is not a problem with circuits dedicated for the purpose. The dimmer packs are located in the green room stage right. With 32 channels that can be patched out to 60 locations on-stage and each of the minstrels galleries there is enough flexibility for almost any production.

Lighting is controlled from inside a soundproof booth at the rear of the audience balcony. Not the best but workable.

2004 – Still Life
2004 – Hands Across the Sea
2003 – Cinderella
1998 – Showbitz
Starting Here Starting Now plan (VSD)