A Dog’s Life

A New World Theatre Club production for FEATS
Written by Pam Valentine.
Directed by Kumar Motiani.

Performed 29th May to 1st June 2003 at the Kurtheater, Bad Homburg.

This compassionate drama features four dogs in cages in a shelter: Ben, a tramps mongrel; Fritz, an intimidating German Shepherd; Fifi, an overweight poodle and Ginger, a lively pup. The play depicts the moment when a woman comes to the shelter to choose between these four dogs – a choice that literally means life or death to old Ben.

This was my third production for the FEATS and was full of surprises.

We saw the world through the eyes (and paws) of Ginger, Ben, Fritz and Fifi the residents of an animal shelter. Witnessed the sit routine and saw who found their release in this happy/sad production from the New World Theatre Club.