Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood

An English Comedy Club production.
Directed by Andy Fisk

Performed on the 18th to 20th January 2019 at the Centre Culturel d’Auderghem.

Director Andy Fisk and principal writer and choreographer Josephine Draycott put even more emphasis on the singing and dancing this year. Katherine Cox, our feisty Maid Marian, set the tone with a rousing rendition of Good Morning Nottingham, supported by the chorus in a carefully choreographed dance. Josephine Draycott in the title role of Robin Hood, gave another strong vocal (and physical) performance. Last year’s principal boy Hannah Riley (the Prince in Snow White) didn’t get to sing this year, but put on such a fabulous performance as the front half of the lovely panto horse Brown Booty that the horse became the kids’ favourite character. She was only half the story of course – of equal
importance was the horse’s rear end played very gamely – and with an impressively flexible back – by Cat Harris, who ate her way through a large apple under her costume for every show.

Words by Sara Hammerton originally published in the ECC Newsletter, March 2019.