Abbaye de Neumunster

28, rue Münster, L-2160 Luxembourg-Grund

Located in the Grund area of Luxembourg City, today it houses the offices, an art gallery, a bistro/bar and a well equiped theatre.

The former prison workshop, also known as Tutesall, is home to a 283-seat theatre which is equipped for music, plays, dance, movies and projection conferences. The gentle and warm aura of the room, the velvety darkness, the overpowering presence of wood, the soaring ceiling, the lighting, the openings to the outside and the spectacular aspect of the Krudelspuert (door of the fortress exposed during the construction of the Wenzel circuit) give this room a very special aura. An atmosphere of intimacy can be felt, no borders separate spectators from the actors or the orators, the first row of seats having been installed on the solid dark wooden planks of the stage.

A basement refreshment counter allows for receptions and brunches. It also offers the possibility of buying drinks during intermission and has a terrace which is open in fine weather offering a view onto the Alzette and onto the walkway of the Wenzel itinerary.

This magnificent auditorium is named today after Robert Krieps, Minister of Justice and Culture, who, as a former deportee imprisoned at the age of 17 in the Grund prison, had the idea, and the will, to transform this former place of detention and sadness, into a place of culture and exchange.

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